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Offering Title: IGP-KSU Grain Elevator Managers May 15-19, 2017 ($1,000)

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The IGP Institute   - $1000  

Start Date -5/15/2017   End Date -5/19/2017 [Course Duration:5 day(s)]
Registration Deadline -4/15/2017  

IGP’s Grain Elevator Managers Short Course benefits individuals who are responsible for supervising grain managers. The course is designed for US conditions (agronomic, business, climatic) and therefore is open only to those who work in north America. The course focuses on the science behind the practices used in grain management. It provides new managers the information they need to correctly interpret the experiences they will have when managing grain quality, and the insight they will require when evaluating the practices used by their predecessors.

Course Topics: Personnel management; grain quality assessment; grain handling equipment; grain drying; grain operations costs; grain inventory management; grain receiving and shipping, grain condition monitoring; grain aeration principles; grain aeration strategies; grain fumigation.

Students receive a copy of the textbook “Managing Stored Grain” upon registration and are expected to know the concepts described therein prior to attending the course. Students are tested on each subject and are expected to formulate and describe in writing the plans they will use to ensure that the most cost-effective practices are used for each elevator operation. Tests and plans are graded. Textbook Chapters: Grain Quality Factors; Physical Processes in Grain Storage; Insects of Stored Grain; Grain Molds; Monitoring for Grain Quality, Grain Condition and Pests; Sanitation in Grain Storage; Aeration; Grain Drying Strategies; Grain Fumigation.

Who should attend: Persons who supervise or who aspire to supervise grain elevator managers.

Registration Fee: $1,000/person. This fee includes textbook and all instructional material, three lunches, and certificate of completion. Housing and other meals are not included. 

Arrival and Departure: Participants must be in class at 8:00 a.m. Monday of the week they are training and will be finished by 1:00 p.m. Friday.


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